Can cbCharge Help Me as a Service Provider?

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Service providers who work to maintain and service the nation’s fleet of 5.6 million tractor-trailers that haul nearly 11 billion tons of freight have to keep a steady cash flow if they’re going to stay in business.

Providers that cannot depend on steady cash flow have a hard time paying suppliers and covering overhead, which includes wages that have continued to rise year after year.

When cash flow is disrupted – usually because customers aren’t paying on time – then the service provider can be up the creek.

Fortunately, Corporate Billing’s cbCharge service is there to smooth out the ups and downs of cash flow and prevent problems like not being able to pay the bills and meet payroll.

How cbCharge Works

Service providers need to get paid on time for servicing their customers’ vehicles. But sometimes, payment is slow in coming – or does not come at all.

Cash flow has to stay steady. That’s what cbCharge is designed to do: provide service company owners with peace of mind that cash will be there when needed.

cbCharge is a FREE charge account used by trucking companies at service providers all across the nation. We quickly pay invoices from companies, which gives them freedom to take the cash and use it to run their businesses without the hassle of collecting payment.

Service providers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed payment: You’ll get paid for the work you’ve performed for a cbCharge customer
  • Better cash flow: The money will be there when you need it
  • No credit risk
  • Access to our network of over a million trucks
  • No more collections: We will handle getting payment
  • No billing expenses: We take care of handling the transaction

cbCharge is also more affordable than most credit cards, which, as any business owner knows, can get ludicrously expensive.

To reduce stress and guarantee steady cash flow, cbCharge is the way to go. Trucking companies can enroll for a FREE Commercial Charge account, or service providers can enroll to accept cbCharge by clicking here.