How Can cbCharge Help Automotive Service Providers?

fleet of trucks

Any business that maintains a fleet of vehicles – whether it’s one vehicle or a thousand – must have steady cash flow in order to stay in business and remain successful. They also have to keep their vehicles running, which means regular maintenance and repairs.

But sometimes, as the provider of those maintenance services, your cash flow gets interrupted because customers aren’t paying. What do you do then? How can a business owner keep things running (literally) without cash?

Corporate Billing’s cbCharge service is the answer. Find out more below!

How cbCharge Works

Business owners with fleet vehicles need charge accounts at auto shops so that they can keep their cash flow healthy. Likewise, the service provider needs a way to get paid quickly. That’s where cbCharge can help: by providing business owners a way to get the service they need without the service provider having to wait on their slow payments.

cbCharge is a better, more affordable option than most credit cards, which often come with incredibly high interest rates. cbCharge offers business owners a free fleet charge account used at service providers across the United States.  

Those service providers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • The guarantee of quick payment
  • Fewer concerns about cash flow
  • Zero credit risk
  • The freedom to let us handle getting payment
  • The ability to leave the transaction to us

Ready to reduce stress and start getting a steady cash flow? cbCharge is the best option. Take a look at everything cbCharge has to offer your company today!

Service providers can enroll to accept cbCharge by clicking here.