Created Specifically to Eliminate Your Credit Risk.

  • Low Fixed Rates

    Partnering with Corporate Billing is simple. There are never any additional fees, hidden charges or graduating penalties for slow paying accounts. Please call for a personalized rate quote. 

  • Risk-free Payment

    We’re reliable. Our non-recourse billing system means you always get paid even if we do not—the very next day.

  • No Contract Period

    You won’t be tied down. Corporate Billing does not require a long term contract with penalties for leaving early.

  • Customized Statements

    It’s all about you. Unlike other billing services that consolidate accounts, Corporate Billing prepares exclusive statements for each client customized with their name and logo.

  • Online Monitoring

    You’ll never be in the dark about your accounts. Our powerful software continually monitors the status of your A/R, giving you and your customer real time, 24-hour access to your accounts.

  • Detailed Reporting

    All the information you need is available online. You can generate aging reports, review account balances, access credit limits, verify payment information, track collections and more—all with complete security.

  • Enhanced Peace of Mind

    Our history speaks for itself. We’ve served over 450 clients since 1995 and we have more than 100 years of collective A/R experience. Why wait months for income that Corporate Billing could generate for you today?

Reduce Your Risk and Gain Peace of Mind

We handle credit risk, so you can worry less about potential liability.

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