Women in the Trucking Industry: Moving On Up

trucking industry

Trucking is a big industry with more than 234,000 women working truck driving jobs, yet women only make up about 6% of the industry. Read on to learn more about how women are taking the trucking industry by force. 

A Growing Number of Women Truckers

After five and a half years of being a truck driver, one woman looks back on the amount of doubt and suspicion a few men expressed when she first inquired about working in the industry. “A lot of people didn’t think I would make it in this job,” she said. “And here I am…five and a half years later. I couldn’t imagine not doing this.” 

And why wouldn’t she? Women are flocking to the trucking industry, which offers flexible schedules, chances to travel, and an independent lifestyle. From 2010 to 2018, the number of women truckers has increased by 68%––helping to offset the loss from a shortage of drivers.  

Superior-based Halvor Lines has seen a growing trend in the increase of women truckers. Less than a decade ago, in 2012, the company reported only ten female drivers. Now, the number has almost quadrupled to 39 female drivers––about 10% of drivers are women. 

Equal Pay Opportunities

A likely reason for the influx of women drivers is the shifting culture, paving the way for equal pay. For example, if a man and a woman both walked in for a job with the same amount of experience, they would be paid an equal wage. Companies are starting to notice a culture shift, and they’re paying attention––by diversifying their workplaces. 

With a growing worker shortage and increasing demand for goods, this is an essential opportunity for women who want to work in the industry. The industry is starting to take significant and necessary steps to recruit more women. 

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