The Top 5 Reasons Freight Factoring Is a Great Decision

freight factoring

Freight factoring is a financing solution that helps truckers turn invoices into cash. Instead of waiting for slow-paying brokers, it’s a more reliable way for truckers to get instant cash flow for loads that they delivered. Selling your invoices to a freight factor helps you manage your money more easily without waiting around. Here, we’ve made an outline for the five main reasons you should consider freight factoring.

#1: Get Paid Instantly

Instead of waiting around for 30 days or more, you can expect to get paid instantly when you choose freight factoring. Within a day of hauling a load, expect to be paid. It’s that fast.

#2: No Fees

Our company charges a one-time flat rate price, which means there are no hidden fees. We take a one-time percentage of your invoice total, so there will be no ridiculous or surprise charges on your account. 

#3: No Contracts

We want you to use freight factoring guilt-free. We don’t require you to sign a contract or factor with us for a certain amount of time. There are no commitments or obligations to factor with us;  we want you to factor on your own terms.

#4: We’re a User-Friendly Service

We know times are busy on the road, which is why we want to make this as painless and easy as possible. You can even pictures of your documents and send them to us from your phone, and receive cash instantly. 

Freight factoring is a fast, simple way to get capital instantly. For more information, contact Corporate Billing today.