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Summer Safety Tips for Truckers

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While the hot summer months don’t pose threats as obvious as winter road dangers, it’s important to remember that the more subtle problems can be even more dangerous if you aren’t prepared for them. We’ve compiled a list of the most common challenges you may face on the road this summer, as well as how to deal with them!

Protect Your Skin

Even if you’ve never heard of “trucker’s arm,” you’re probably familiar with it—driving for long periods of time with your left arm resting on the door is a surefire way to get a crazy tan line. Aside from the strange look and feel of it, wearing sunscreen while driving will significantly lower your chances of developing skin cancer. Over half of all skin cancers in the US occur on the left side of the body for a reason! The least obvious parts of your skin that get sun can pose the greatest dangers to your health. Your truck window doesn’t protect you from UV light, so be sure to wear sunscreen every day.

Protect Your Eyes

Just like your skin gets a lot of sun during the summer, so do your eyes. You should invest in a good pair of polarized sunglasses, not only to protect your eyes from damage, but also to help you see more clearly. Bright sunlight on the road can cause serious glare, and not being able to see clearly will hinder your ability to drive safely. If you’re driving in the late afternoon, intense sun can also make you sleepier, and needing to squint won’t help!

Stay Hydrated

When it’s a particularly hot day, your air conditioner isn’t enough to stop dehydration. If you’re driving long distances, you may have a tendency to avoid drinking liquids so you don’t have to stop as frequently—but you need to drop this habit. Keep a water bottle with you at all times, and get into the habit of drinking even when you aren’t thirsty. The feeling of thirst comes long after the other symptoms of dehydration start to set in. Knowing the signs and symptoms of heat stroke is essential to your health on the road. Recognizing these signs will help you best decide when you need water, when you need to pull over, etc. If you’re experiencing headaches, muscle cramps, or dizziness, it’s time to rest for a few minutes and get some fluids.

Check the Weather

While winter brings icy roads and snow storms, summer weather can be just as unpredictable and needs to be monitored at all times. Tornadoes, monsoons, thunderstorms, and flash floods can occur without much warning, so always check the forecast for your route. Heed any and all warnings from local traffic authorities, and never underestimate the possible severity of summer weather.

Maintain Your Truck

In the extreme heat of the summer, many of your truck’s components could suffer mechanical issues. For example, heat can cause tire blowouts, so be sure your tires are inflated at the right levels all summer long. Heat can also affect your truck’s brakes, so have them checked frequently and be sure to get any small problems fixed before they grow into bigger ones. Your engine can overheat too, so consider slowing down when climbing hills, and get it checked often.

More Tips for Truckers

Remember, every season comes with its own set of challenges for truck drivers. Make sure you’re always paying attention and taking precautions for any kind of weather! For more trucking tips and information, contact Corporate Billing today.