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Truckers: Stay Healthy on the Road

junk food

Eating healthy is a tough commitment for most people, but it’s an especially difficult commitment for truckers who spend so much of their life on the road. If you don’t plan ahead, your options for food as a truck driver are extremely limited and not very health-conscious. But even if you have to rely on gas stations and truck stops for food, there are ways to avoid the high-fat, high-sodium, high-calorie snacks that fill the shelves.

Here’s a list of healthy snacks you can bring with you, or buy on the road instead of the typical candy and chips! Swapping unhealthy snacks for these alternatives will drastically improve your mood and overall health.


These are great snacks, especially if you skip the salted versions. They’re rich in healthy fats and proteins, which will keep you fuller for longer so you aren’t constantly snacking on the road. Avoid different varieties of flavors, though, since these tend to have a lot of extra fat and sugar.

Trail mix is one of those snacks that seem healthy in general, but there are mixes to avoid. If you’re chowing down on something filled with candy and a lot of dried fruit, you’ll end up consuming a lot more calories (and sugar) than you intended. So skip the chocolate and opt for mostly nuts and some dried fruit.


Your overall digestive health can really take a hit when you’re driving and relying mostly on snack foods for sustenance. Yogurt is great for digestion, and contains a lot of healthy proteins. Go for Greek yogurt for even more of these benefits.


A turkey or chicken sandwich is a good alternative to the hot dogs, personal pizzas, French fries, etc. that you’ll find in gas stations and fast food restaurants. If you want to be extra healthy, go light on the cheese and mayo to save calories.

Fresh Fruit

It’s nature’s candy! A lot of gas stations now have fresh fruit available in an effort to provide healthier options for people on the road. The vitamin C will keep your immune system working in tip top shape, and the fiber will keep things moving in case you decide to have a cheat day. Make sure you eat it in moderation, since fruit is naturally high in sugar.

Grab and Go Oatmeal

This is a quick and easy option, full of protein and fiber to keep you full for longer. With some yogurt or fresh fruit it becomes a delicious and simple breakfast option.

Beef Jerky

This is another thing to snack on in moderation because it’s pretty heavy in sodium and fat. However, the protein will keep you full for a while—which helps you cut down on empty calories. This is a great snack to tide you over if you don’t have time for a full meal.

Stocking up on these kinds of snacks will ensure that you always have a healthy option on the road! For more tips, advice, and all things truck industry, contact Corporate Billing today.