The Benefits of Non-Recourse Billing

non-recourse billing

Funding your business and maintaining steady cash flow can be hard, no matter if you run a trucking company or a maintenance service. Fortunately, there are providers like Corporate Billing who will buy your invoices from you, giving you confidence that you can meet payroll and overhead on time while still making a profit.

There are two types of corporate funding when it comes to buying accounts receivable (A/R): recourse and non-recourse billing. We’ve previously talked about the difference between the two; now we’ll discuss the benefits of non-recourse billing in particular.

Non-Recourse Billing Overview

Non-recourse billing is when a financer purchases the A/R invoices from your company. You get paid a percentage of the total amount, and no longer have to worry about collections. The company that purchases the invoices is responsible for collecting payment and has all the liability of non-payment.

Explaining the Benefits

There are several reasons why you’d want to choose non-recourse billing with Corporate Billing. These include:

  • Low fixed rates: We don’t charge additional fees, or hidden charges, or any type of graduating penalties.
  • Custom rate quotes: We can tailor our rates to your business.
  • Risk-free payments: Even if we don’t get paid from the people who owe you money, you still get paid.
  • No long-term contracts: We don’t force our customers into any long-term contract.
  • No penalties for leaving early: You can leave our agreement whenever you’d like without penalty.
  • Custom statements: Our statements are prepared exclusively for you, with your own branding.
  • Online monitoring software: You won’t have to wonder about your accounts, since our software constantly monitors your A/R and gives you 24-hour access.
  • Detailed online reporting: You can use our secure online platform to get reports whenever you want on your accounts.
  • Confidence and security: We give customers peace of mind when it comes to getting cash flow safely and securely.

The main benefit: you can pay for overhead and get rid of the stress and doubt of collecting on outstanding A/R invoices by working with a billing provider.

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