Why is cbCharge a preferred NAPA partner?

cbCharge has helped NAPA centers grow their parts and repair business by gaining more fleet and commercial customers.  It eliminates in-house charge accounts that pay slow and allows the center to focus on their business instead of credit, collections and billing.  cbCharge also extends more credit to fleet and commercial customers allowing them to spend more at your NAPA center.

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NAPA Member Testimonials

“We have used this program for over a year and have been completely satisfied. Our regular fleet customers are happy to have an open line of credit and receive a monthly bill with all documents included. The 2.3% discount is equal or less than accepting a credit card in most cases.”

“I love CB Charge. It makes it easier to get paid by customers that pay in 45 days. We are a Napa Truck and Equipment Center located in Colorado and we love their help.”


Eliminate Billing, Credit, and Collection Expenses

Become part of the 1600 and growing parts, tire and maintenance providers that accept cbCharge to grow their fleet and commercial business

Gain a fast and efficient credit and payment process while having access to cbCharge’s growing fleet and commercial customers.

  • Remove in-house charge accounts with slow payments

  • Gain instant access to a network of fleet accounts

  • Receive a free listing on the vendor search directory

  • 24/7 online cbCharge payment portal access

  • Eliminate billing, credit, and collection expenses

  • Receive increased credit limits so your customer can spend more

  • Promote FREE credit to fleets

  • Instantly improve cash flow

  • Lower cost than most credit card payments

  • Guaranteed payments in 24 hours via ACH

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  • How do I enroll to accept cbCharge payments?

    Complete the simple application to accept cbCharge. You'll receive approval within hours, and we can pay you on invoices the first day. It’s free to enroll. Gain instant access to our network of approved fleet and commercial customers.

  • What is cbCharge?

    cbCharge has been providing fleet credit and vendor payments for over 25 years. It offers a fast and easy way to process invoices and payments between buyers and sellers in the automotive and heavy-duty trucking industry. It replaces your in-house charge accounts with a next day payment with no credit, collections or billing processes.

  • How do I get paid on my invoices?

    cbCharge offers a 24/7 online payment portal where you can search for fleet and commercial customers, get instant account approvals and submit invoices or payment. We ACH you the payment next day.

  • What is the cost to accept cbCharge?

    It is free to enroll to accept cbCharge. Enrollment allows you access to the network of fleet accounts and marketing material to promote free credit to your fleet and commercial customers. You only pay a small fee, lower than most credit card payments, when you submit an invoice for payment.

  • Why do so many parts, tire & maintenance vendors accept cbCharge?

    cbCharge has helped these vendors grow their business by gaining more fleet and commercial customers. It eliminates in-house charge accounts that pay slow and allows the vendor to focus on their business instead of credit, collections, and billing. cbCharge also extends more credit to fleet and commercial customers allowing them to spend more at your business.

  • How do I setup my in-house fleet or commercial customers with a FREE cbCharge accounts?

    You simply send your current customers’ open invoices or billing information, and we will establish those accounts and notify them that you have switched to the cbCharge credit process. You will receive payment from cbCharge the next day on your current in-house invoices.

  • How do I setup a new fleet or commercial customer with FREE cbCharge account?

    You will be provided with free marketing material that consist of co-branded credit applications, custom online credit applications and benefit flyers. Once your new customers’ account is established, we will notify you so you can start submitting invoices for payment.

  • Why do fleet and commercial customers enjoy cbCharge accounts?

    cbCharge offers these customers a FREE charge account that can be used at any accepting cbCharge vendor. This allows them to receive one consolidated monthly statement and reduces the communication and payments to multiple vendors. They also receive 24/7 online account management and higher credit limits so they can spend more at your location. Click Here to see more customer benefits.

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