Get Paid Faster

technician taking credit card from woman for payment of services

Commercial accounts receivable turned into cash within 24 hours. When your clients don’t pay on time, your company’s operations can be delayed or even hindered. Companies thrive on their ability to make their products or provide their services.

Corporate Billing has delivered solutions for trucking, automotive, transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, service, storm response, staffing, and other industries since 1995 through invoice factoring options.

How Does it Work?
Before working with a client, be sure to do the proper research. Find out how your clients have interacted with suppliers in the past. Conduct credit checks so you can have an idea of how reliable your client is. Your background research might not guarantee a successful relationship with the client, but this is the first step.

What is Factoring?
Factoring is not long-term debt or a loan. Invoice factoring provides your business access to immediate cash by receiving slightly less than the total amount on the bill.

Advantages of Factoring:

  • NO Debt as it is not a loan.
  • Paid within 24 hours.
  • Control your cash flow.
  • Flexibility. NO contract periods.

Factoring Options Offered:
We offer our members two types of factoring options: Recourse Billing and Non-Recourse Billing. There are no long-term contracts as we earn your business every day.

Recourse Billing Factoring: We fund the invoices minus a small reserve and our fee. Our team handles all of the billing, credit work, posting, and collections and upon payment of the invoice, the reserve is returned!

Non-Recourse Billing Factoring: The invoice is 100% funded minus our fee and all billing, collections, credit work, and payment posting is done by our team. **We Take the Risk**

Partnering with our team provides more than access to capital, you get a team of experts and professionals who truly care about your business. We can offer you credit, billing, 24-7 accounts monitoring, and collection services. Our team handles the paperwork (and the risk) and leaves you with peace of mind – it’s that simple!

We have provided thousands of clients in the United States and Canada with access to capital and a suite of other customized solutions on flexible terms. Get the money you have earned in 24 hours from a partner you can trust.

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