Rapid Growth, We Can Help

Manager with a digital tablet on the background of trucks

Congratulations, your business is growing and at a rate that is faster than anticipated. Maybe faster than you can handle, and you didn’t plan for the rapid growth with all the demands on your time. It is one of the reasons that small trucking companies fail within the first year. It is exciting, but to survive you need to take the time to organize your processes, resources, and manpower to handle the growth.

If follow-up is already an issue that your business faces, it will be amplified as you gain more and more clients. Take time to perfect your processes while your business is still small so that they don’t become issues that affect your company’s success.

Another important way to keep your small trucking company up and running is to keep your Accounts Receivable flowing without gaps! Working with Corporate Billing will help you accomplish this task. As your business grows, you will have less and less time to worry about payments – and that can mean big trouble for your bottom line. Take accounts receivable off your plate and focus on the daily tasks that require your attention.

For over 25 years CB has supported trucking and brokerage companies with daily funding eliminating the issues of waiting 30-60-90 plus days for invoices to be paid. Corporate Billing can fund fuel costs, truck payments, payroll, insurance, maintenance, and more with access to your cash! Get paid within 24 hours with NO additional fees or hidden charges and an online platform to generate reports. Our clients have found that the cost of doing business has decreased and the options to grow their business and bridge the gap in the financing needs have been simplified.

Your loan with the bank has a contract with strict guidelines and covenants. However, your invoice factoring program has NO covenant requirements and no term limits as we want to earn your business every day!

Corporate Billing has provided thousands of clients in the United States and Canada with access to capital and a suite of other customized solutions on flexible terms. Get the money you have earned in 24 hours from a partner you can trust.

If you are a trucking company, fleet provider, fleet repair shop, or in the transportation industry in any way you can trust our 25 plus years of service in this industry. Contact Us Today! 877.584.3600 or sales@corpbill.com