Avoid Debt!

Businessman removes wooden blocks with the word Debt

Corporate Billing buys commercial accounts receivable. This allows your company to put your main asset to work for you without adding debt to your company. For over 25 years CB has supported the trucking and brokerage companies with daily funding eliminating the issues of waiting 30-60-90 plus days for invoices to be paid. Funding fuel costs, truck payments, payroll, insurance, maintenance, and more with access to funds promptly with NO additional fees or hidden charges and an online platform to generate reports.

Offering Solutions

Access to funds and infrastructure support!

Customer Benefits:

  • Quick payments. Within 24 hours.
  • Control. Process invoices they choose – when they choose.
  • No contract term limits.
  • No Debt.
  • Flexibility
  • Customized funding options.

Benefit to Yourself:

  • Improved customer relationships.
  • Network Expanded.
  • Quick & Simple Process.
  • No costs…No obligations.

Factoring Solution

Invoice factoring is a simple and easy way to advance cash quickly and easily on outstanding accounts receivable. As a trusted advisor, you are often the first person they turn to when there are financial difficulties. You are in a unique position to help.

We all recognize that obtaining working capital in today’s traditional market is not always easy nor is it a quick process. We also know that not all businesses are ideal candidates for a traditional credit facility which is why we specialize in providing solutions that work.

Corporate Billing has provided thousands of clients in the United States and Canada with access to capital and a suite of other customized solutions on flexible terms.

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