Non-Recourse Billing Services
Recourse Billing Services

Imagine having the time to concentrate on building your business instead of billing for it.

Your business has obligations and demands that can’t wait for your receivables to come in. Corporate Billing provides you with the working capital you require for operating expenses. We do it immediately with same-day funding. You’ll get your cash payments in a time frame that’s good for your business. With Corporate Billing, you won’t be at the mercy of your customers anymore.

We are a group of seasoned A/R professionals who will purchase your daily commercial accounts receivable, in turn giving you the cash your business needs when you need it—now. Since we’ll be overseeing the accounts receivable, your employees will be freed-up to focus on business, not paperwork.

With Corporate Billing you can lower overhead, reduce credit risk and get the capital you are owed—all without hidden fees or long-term contracts. We can even customize a program to fit your specific needs.

Watch our video to get more information and see what Corporate Billing can do for you.